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“What Will They Need to File?” Claims Documentation Checklist

Help your customers understand what documentation may be requested of them after filing a claim with this general checklist of 7 policy benefits.

Your traveler just returned home from a vacation that was anything but ideal. On day one her luggage was lost, day two she spent an entire afternoon in medical after a seafood allergy, and returning home the plane was grounded due to weather – missing her connecting flight twice.

Thankfully, she covered her vacation with travel insurance, and promptly filed a claim to utilize the benefits in her policy. However now that shes returned home, there is a bit of confusion as to what additional information will be needed to help process her claim.

Using this general list as a guide can help you and your customers understand what documentation may be requested of them after filing a claim.

Baggage Delay

Your travelers have landed safe and sound on the island – their luggage however, is still waiting on a tarmac in Atlanta, GA.

If their travel insurance policy offers benefits for baggage delay, here are the supporting documents they will need to file a clam:

Proof of the delay

In the event they are left without their bags upon arrival at their final destination, your customers should request and provide us with any documentation they’ve received from their travel carrier indicating their bags have been delayed.

Receipts from any purchases made

Your customers shouldn’t have to go without while waiting for their baggage to arrive. If your traveler is eligible for reimbursement benefits, remind them to save any receipts from purchases made due to their bags being delayed. They will need this documentation in order to receive any compensation for these items, within their specific policy limits.

Baggage and Personal Effects Loss

Whether it’s lost, stolen, or damaged – missing luggage can quickly bring a dark cloud over sunny Turks and Caicos. Your customers’ policy may include benefits that help get them back on their feet after losing their belongings.

In order to file a claim for lost, damaged, or stolen luggage they will need to provide Allianz Global Assistance with a few documents, including:

A completed claim with the carrier, and their determination

If their baggage has been damaged or lost by a travel supplier, your customer will first need to notify and file a claim with the supplier.

Because Allianz Global Assistance is secondary in coverage, we will require both the claim form and travel supplier’s determination, including what amount, if any, they may reimburse them before moving forward with a claim.

File an incident report

If your customers’ belongings have been damaged or stolen, encourage them to file an incident report to the proper authorities in addition to a claim with their carrier.


Your traveler may also need to provide receipts for any items being claimed that are lost, damaged or stolen.

Rental Car Collision and Loss Damage

Travel insurance benefits are available for all types of vacations – not only those including flights or cruises. If your customers’ are taking a cross-country road trip and have decided to rent a vehicle, there are potential travel insurance benefits available to them should they find themselves in an accident.

Provide the rental car agreement

To assist us in claims related to an accident customers should provide us with the agreement given to them by the rental agency when they picked up the car.

Repair bill

Your customers will also need to provide an itemized list of charges incurred to repair the vehicle.

Itinerary and invoice for rental car reservation

Your client should also keep a record of the documents provided to them by the rental company. Invoice and itinerary documents should include the dates of the rental period, and the total amount paid for the rental.

Police Report

Your clients will also need to provide us with an official police report documenting the incident.

Emergency Dental and Medical Expenses

Having a vacation interrupted by delay is an inconvenience, but a medical emergency can be a frightful experience for both travelers and those at home. If your travelers need to file a claim for a medical emergency, remind them to request and keep as much documentation of the incident as possible, including:

Medical bills

If their policy allows for emergency medical or dental benefits they may be able to receive financial reimbursement for costs incurred from treatment up to the limit listed in their policy.

Please have customers request, save, and provide Allianz Global Assistance with copies of all medical bills they have received from their treatment.

Accident Report

If applicable, they should also provide a copy of the accident report from the incident.

Customers should also be reminded that our plans provide benefits for covered medical and dental emergencies on a secondary basis.  When filing a claim they should also provide documentation from the health/dental insurance company indicating what amount, if any, they may receive from them. We can then reimburse the difference if the loss is covered.

Missed Connection

When booking the itinerary for their Island trip, a 2-hour layover in Dallas/Fort Worth seemed like more than enough time to land and get from one terminal to the next. Until they were grounded in Richmond overnight due to severe weather, completely missing their connection. If your customers’ policy offers benefits for missed connections here are the documents they will need to help file a claim:

Proof of payment and receipts

For prepaid, unused trip expenses and change fees and additional transportation, hotel or meal expenses.

Proof of the cause of the missed connection

If their flight has been delayed causing them to miss a connecting flight or a cruise have the request or provide documentation that shows proof of the delay or cancellation.

Travel Delay

Another popular benefit of certain policies is the availability for reimbursement (up to the covered limit) of meals, accommodations, and lost prepaid expenses for trips delayed six hours or more.

If your customers are ever in need of this benefit, remind them that they can either file for a missed connection or travel delay, but not both.

Provide proof of the delay

Depending on the reason for the delay, this could be documentation from a travel supplier, or a police/accident report.


Receipts for all expenses related to their claim

Trip Cancellation or Interruption

Sometimes circumstances are out of their hands, and customers may find themselves having to cancel or interrupt their trip for a covered reason. If your customers find themselves in this position here is the documentation they would need in order to file a claim.

Trip Itinerary

This applies to all trip components including air, cruise, tour, etc. and should include traveler information, trip details, a breakdown of costs, and payment information.

Proof of Payment

Receipts for all expenses paid and are related to their claim. Examples include credit card statements, and/or cash receipts.

Penalty/Refund Information, if applicable

Penalty schedule and actual amount of any refunds or penalties your customer may have incurred from your travel agency or travel supplier, and/or proof that the booking was non-refundable.

Physician Statement Form, if applicable

This form is required for all claims due to medical reasons and must be completed by the examining physician. View the Physician’s Statement Form here.

Proof of incident

If the claim is non-medical, we will need documentation supporting the reason for the cancellation or interruption. This may include documents such as a police report or death certificate.

Another great tip to remember when providing documentation to support a claim is to reference their claim number on each piece of documentation submitted and to make copies for their personal records, especially if submitting hard copies.

After all of their supporting documentation has been submitted, customers should also allow 7-10 business days for review. If additional information is needed, a claims examiner will be sure to contact them, and claim statuses are also available 24/7 through their online account.

The circumstances of every claim vary, and the exact documentation associated may vary as well.  These general guidelines are useful to begin the conversation and answer general questions surrounding the claims process with your customers. If you or your clients have further questions please visit the online documentations checklist  for our most recent updates or contact our customer service representatives at 800-284-8300 for more information.



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