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Weathering the Storm: How Travel Insurance Can Help You In A Hurricane

The past few weeks’ hurricanes have resulted in some devastating losses, leaving many travelers to wonder how travel insurance can protect them in the event of a hurricane. It’s important to note that while travel insurance can be a huge helping hand in a natural disaster case, it isn’t always the cure-all solution. Timing can be the most essential component to your client’s claim. For instance, once a storm is named by the National Hurricane Center, it becomes recognized as a foreseeable event with a known potential to affect travel and cannot be covered by insurance plans purchased after the storm is named. To ensure that your client is eligible for getting the most benefits, we recommend that they buy travel insurance as soon as they book their trip. Here are two instances of where your client can find some peace of mind for coverage.

A Hurricane Renders Your Home or Travel Destination Uninhabitable

If a hurricane causes enough damage to make a reasonable person find their primary residence or travel accommodation unfit for living, they may be covered for trip cancellation or interruption. For more information on how trip cancellation and interruption work in a hurricane situation, read here.

Your Source of Transportation to Your Destination Delays its Services

If an airline, cruise line, or travel operator ceases all services for at least 24 consecutive hours due to a natural disaster, travel insurance may cover your client for travel interruption or trip cancellation. Additionally, if your client experiences a travel delay that will cause them to miss 50 percent or more their trip, trip cancellation/interruption coverage may be provided as long as the client made a good effort to continue their travels.

We are here to help. If your client finds themselves in these situations and need to file a claim, or simply have a question about their policy, we encourage them to contact our customer service.

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